Cook Street Nursing Care Centre

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About Us

Cook St Nursing Care Centre is a private, family owned facility. Portwell Care Ltd  combines not only Anna Blackwell and Wayne Porter's names, but brings their experience and background to Cook Street Nursing Care Centre.    Anna has been a registered nurse for close to 30 years now.  Her background is extensive having worked in many settings before settling into the Aged Care Sector 10 years ago.  Wayne's background is in trucking and logistics.  Having owned his own business previously he has an amazing tool kit of practicality. 

We have around 35 staff, with a turnover rate sitting at around 3.5 - 4% - this means many of our staff stay and know their stuff.  They have as much pride in the service they provide and the reputation of Cook St as Anna and Wayne do.  

We provide care for up to 30 residents. We are centrally located in Palmerston North. The demand for our service is high.  Always ring or call in to tell us about your specific requirements.